Best duty free Jewelry store in Grand cayman

If you are searching for best duty free jewelry store in Grand Cayman then Gems international diamond center is your destination.

Gems offers duty-free precious and semi-precious stones with precious and semi-precious metals in George Town, Cayman Island.


Grand Cayman Jewelry Stores

We have five jewelry stores in Grand Cayman at different locations 38th South Church Street, Cardinal Avenue, Fort Street in Grand Cayman.

Classic Jewelry Designs

Gems offers a range of latest & evergreen jewelry designs, crafted to a standard of perfection.

It offers high-quality precious stones such as Diamonds, Emeralds, Ruby, Sapphires and Tanzanite, and semi-precious stones.

Almost all precious and semi-precious stones jewelry’ are set in 14k gold and 925 silver.

You will find jewelry with the most elegant design with the highest qualities which are best in trend.

Engagement Rings

A large collection of must-have style engagement rings; wedding bands; rings for women; rings for men; loose diamonds; earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, gemstones, pearls and watches are available in our diamond gallery.

Our jewelry collections are designed to be flaunted as every piece of jewelry is perfectly crafted; therefore, we can say our jewelry is unmatched.

Experience Jewelers in Cayman Island

Our skillful Jewelers cultivate our jewelry very carefully.

We assist in purchases processes at many stages such as product selection, resizing, shipping, exchanges, product upgrade, refunds, and payment plans, etc.

We also offers exceptional customer service, just visit us to have it.

Free Port Jewelry

We will have more Free Port Jewelry store in the Cayman Islands.

We believe in making our customers happy and cheerful once they step into our store.