Loose diamonds

Loose diamonds

Loose diamonds are the final product after processing rough diamonds from a mine. Rough diamonds are mined at various locations around the world. After mining, mapping and cutting process takes place to craft the best shape from the rough diamond. Experts cut Rough diamonds with machines to maintain the best color, sparkle and facets shine through and then polished to perfection. You can buy loose diamonds to mount on a ring, a pendant, an earring or any other piece of jewelry. Loose diamonds are usually purchased to set in engagement rings for women and men and even for investment. You may gift a loose diamonds which will make that moment memorable forever. You can find loose diamonds in all difference cut, color, and carat. A loose diamond is available in the white, pink, yellow, blue and red color.


Diamonds Shapes:

  • Round Diamonds
  • Princess Diamonds
  • Cushion Diamonds
  • Emerald Diamonds

Round Diamond

Round Loose Diamond
  • Round cut diamonds are very popular for engagement rings.
  • Round diamonds cut uses:
    • Diamond engagement ring,
    • Diamond earrings,
    • Diamond pendants
    • Other custom made diamond jewelry.
  • Round cut utilize the maximum part of diamond in comparison to other shapes.
  • 58 facets Loose round cut diamonds are larger and open which makes it very popular for dazzling sparkle.

These shape diamonds are easily available at retailer jewelry stores. For a round cut diamond engagement ring, you must pay careful attention to all four Cs which are color, cut, carat and clarity of a diamond.


Princess Diamond

Princess Loose Diamond
  • Princess cut is a perfect square and rectangular shape cut.
  • It is the second most popular diamonds cut shape.
  • Princess cut diamonds are uses:
    • Diamond engagement rings,
    • Diamond earrings and
    • Diamond pendant.
  • It is mostly observed that the princess cut diamond engagement ring is also a very popular choice.
  • The princess cut diamonds have 58 symmetrical facets just like round cut diamond.
  • Princess cut diamond also sparkles much brilliantly and gives scintillation.


Cushion Diamond

Cushion Loose Diamond
  • Cushion cut diamonds have round corners.
  • They are popular shapes for diamond engagement rings other diamond jewelry like round and princess cut.
  • The cushion cut is also known as a pillow cut diamond.
  • It has 58 facets which ensure that the diamond looks symmetrical
  • Cushion diamond cut is crafted to sparkle brilliantly because the length to width ratio is the best determinant of diamond shape.

You must consider the above-mentioned determinants for purchase of diamonds engagement rings and other diamond jewelry.

Emerald Diamond

Emerald-Cut Diamond
  • Emerald cut diamond has a step pattern which is a unique and striking diamond shape.
  • People usually buy Emerald-cut for diamonds engagement rings.
  • The Emerald cut diamond also has 58 facets with three rows of top steps and three rows of bottom steps.
  • In Emerald cut diamond all symmetrical steps leading up to the table.
  • Lower color and clarity in this shape are more easily visible.


Diamond Cuts:

There are four popular types of diamond cutting styles:

  1. Brilliant Cuts
  2. Modified Brilliant Cut
  3. Step Cuts
  4. Old World Cuts


Brilliant Cuts:

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond
  • Brilliant cuts enhance the dazzling look of a jewelry piece.
  • A round diamond is the most common shape for the brilliant-cut.
  • The machine is used for this type of cuts to ensure precision and symmetry among all facets.
  • Facets with precision and symmetry ensure more reflection of light throughout the diamond.
  • A brilliant-cut diamond is more expensive than another type of cuts and has the most resale value.


Modified Brilliant Cut or fancy cut:

Modified Brilliant Cut
  • Fancy cutting style is the same as in a round diamond but the shape of the diamond can be differing.
  • These types of shapes are less expensive than brilliant rounds.
  • Few examples of modified brilliant shapes include:
    • heart,
    • oval,
    • marquise,
    • oval and
    • Pear.


Step Cuts:

Step Cut Diamonds
  • All facets of a step cut diamonds run parallel to each other.
  • All facets are precisely and cleanly cut.
  • Lager facet of this cut draws maximum attention at the topmost point of the diamond.
  • This cut type has scintillation and shine.
  • Emerald shaped diamond cut is the most popular type of step cut.
  • Step cut diamonds maximize most of the original diamond weight and carat size.
  • Therefore, it can be more cost-effective to purchase a step-cut diamond.


Old World Cuts:

Old World Cut Diamond

Old world cuts are handcrafted for older diamonds. Prior to 1900s jewelries were crafted with this style of cutting or I can say antique jewelry pieces use to be crafted with this style known as old-world cuts.

Another name of old-world cuts:

  • European cut,
  • Miner cut
  • Rose-cut.

Old world cuts features:

  • These cuts diamonds have larger facets
  • These have more open facets,
  • These facets are not always symmetrical or can say not optimized for symmetry.


Why You Should Buy Loose Diamonds

There are many reasons for buying a loose diamond:

  • Purchasing a loose diamond provides you with flexibility.
  • In loose diamonds, you will find more transparency in terms of diamond grades and quality.
  • Once diamonds are set in jewelry after that it is very difficult to discern their quality.
  • It is much easier to see their color, cut and clarity when looking at diamonds are loose.
  • You can sell loose diamonds without losing its value.
  • You can find a reasonable price for loose diamonds than end jewelry products.

Where to Buy a Loose Diamonds in Cayman Island

Loose diamonds are available in one of the well-known jewelry store, Gems international diamond center in George Town, Cayman Island. Gems international diamond center is one of the best places for diamond jewelry shopping. You can find variety of loose diamonds, diamond engagement ring for women, Diamond ring for women, Diamond rings for wedding, Diamond rings princess cut, Diamonds necklace, Diamond engagement ring with rose gold, Engagement rings with diamond, Engagement rings for men, Black diamond engagement rings, Black diamond’s earring, Black diamond rings, Chocolate diamond rings, Chocolate diamond Earrings and many more products which cannot be written in this space as the list is very long. Gems international diamond center has a huge collection of the diamond gallery there you will find a variety of loose rocks. These loose rocks or stones would astonish your eyes as they are very precious. Quality-driven reason would help you to differentiate different rock (diamond) in Gems store (Gallery).

Advantages of purchasing jewelry in Cayman Island

  • Duty-free shopping.
  • No Tax on jewelry shopping.
  • Variety of jewelry collections
  • Best quality of loose diamonds.
  • Compare not only the variety of diamonds also gain diamond knowledge from gems experienced sales executives.
  • See in-person diamond jewelry.
  • Gems international diamond center has great relationships with wholesale diamond suppliers, therefore, we are able to pass the savings onto the end consumer.
  • We offer our diamond product appraisal with a have a lifetime warranty on our jewelry.
  • Lifetime product services at our various store locations
  • We have a very competitive price loose diamond price in Cayman Island.
  • You don’t have to pay duty on your loose diamond purchase or any other jewelry.
  • Gems international diamond center has a number of a jewelry store in Cayman Island.
  • Gems offer diamonds jewelry at an attractive price including.
    • Diamond engagement rings,
    • Diamond pendent
    • Diamond earrings.
    • Loose Diamond
  • If you search for certified diamonds then yes, Gems international diamond center offers GIA Certified diamonds and GIA Certified Jewelry.
  • GIA is the most trusted laboratory with the strictest standards.
  • Loose diamonds are available at Gems international diamond center, Grand Cayman, and Cayman Island.
  • Our store offers you quality jewelry.
  • Diamonds are expensive therefore it is your right to see and touch and compare it before buying it.
  • It is not a household product that you should buy it at social media sites or on the internet.
  • If a diamond is priced is high, there’s a quality-driven reason.



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