Tanzanite in Cayman Island

Tanzanite in Cayman

Gems international diamond center offers a wide variety of beautiful and the best Tanzanite collections including Tanzanite rings, Tanzanite earrings, Tanzanite pendants, Tanzanite necklaces, Tanzanite bracelets, Tanzanite bangles etc. in George Town, Cayman Island.


It is one of the rarest gemstone on earth and it is disappearing fast. Tanzanite is one thousand time rarest than diamonds. It is discovered in 1967 and is found in a very small mining area near the Mirerani Hills of Northern Tanzania.

Few facts about Tanzanite

  • Tanzanite wearer controls the body emotions and balance them in a proper manner.
  • It gives strength to the wearer to cope up with different physical and psychological challenges.
  • Wearing Tanzanite gives physical healing energies.
  • It’s helpful in improving sixth senses.
  • Tanzanite color is the combination of three colors including blue, violet and burgundy.
  • Tanzanite has a hardness of about 6.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale.

Market Value of tanzanite

Tanzanite value mainly depends it color and its size. The darker Tanzanite is more valuable than a light color diamond similarly a higher carat tanzanite is much more valuable than a less carat Tanzanite.

  • 1 carat Tanzanite would be available approximately $600 – $800 per carat.
  • 2 carat Tanzanite would be available approximately $800 – $1200 per carat.
  • More than 3 carat Tanzanite would be available approximately $1250 per carat.


Why buy Tanzanite from Gems international diamond center:

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